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rel::IODevice Class Reference

#include <IODevice.h>

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Public Types

typedef int64_t size_type

Public Methods

 IODevice ()
virtual ~IODevice ()
virtual int getReadDescriptor () const
virtual bool isDirectAccess () const
virtual size_type at () const
virtual bool at (size_type offset)
 change location in stream.

virtual bool atEnd () const
virtual size_type writeBytes (const char *data, size_type len)
virtual void flush ()
virtual size_type readBytes (char *data, size_type maxLen)
virtual SmartPtr< char *> print ()

Detailed Description

IODevice defines an API for reading and writing data.

Reading from an IODevice can be either destructive or non-destructive.

The default implementation of most functions is to simply return an error value. The functions must be implemented by a base class to provide useful operation.

Member Function Documentation

IODevice::size_type IODevice::at   const [virtual]

Return current location in stream (not supported by all streams - they might always return -1)

void IODevice::flush   [virtual]

force writing any buffered data. It may have already been written, there is no guarentee that buffering is done up until a sync() is called.

int IODevice::getReadDescriptor   const [virtual]

Return a file descriptor corresponding to device input. This is to make it easy to incorporate into event loops.

bool IODevice::isDirectAccess   const [virtual]

Returns TRUE if the stream is repositionable. If false, then at() and at(int) operations are not valid..

SmartPtr< char *> IODevice::print   [virtual]

display output in human readable form - for debugging..

IODevice::size_type IODevice::readBytes char *   data,
size_type   bytes

Reads at most maxLen bytes of data from the stream into data and returns number actually read.

IODevice::size_type IODevice::writeBytes const char *   data,
size_type   len

Writes len bytes from data and returns the number of bytes actually written.

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